Employment Opportunities

Are you considering a move to the gorgeous city of Huntsville, Alabama? Or possibly you’d like to move to the Madison or the other surrounding counties in Alabama? One consistent draw to this area in North Alabama is the ample employment opportunities available for those in several industries.

Of course, most individuals will associate the top jobs in Huntsville, Alabama with the NASA Space Center located there. However, that is only one of many exciting employers located around Madison County.

First, ADTRAN is an internet company headquartered in Huntsville. ADTRAN is a telecommunications company that provides networking equipment and internetworking products to its customers. Most of the individuals who work for ADTRAN have degrees in either business, electrical engineering, or computer science. Other than management positions, typical jobs at ADTRAN involve software engineering, software development, and different engineering positions.

Next, those who are interested in aerospace may find themselves seeking a job with Dynetics. This information technology company is headquartered in Huntsville, and it is chiefly concerned with both defense and aerospace technology. Most of the employees are engineers of some sort, with aerospace engineering as the top area of discipline.

Another company that focuses on the areas of aerospace engineering and defense is The Boeing Corporation. Known for its design and manufacture of planes of all kinds, Boeing is also the recipient of a government contract that allows for the development of defense products. Approximately 3,000 people work for Boeing in the Huntsville area.

There are multiple companies aside of Boeing and NASA that specialize in aerospace design and defense. These companies include Northrop Grumman, Teledyne Brown Engineering, and Lockheed Martin Corporation. Together, these companies employ approximately 3,500 engineers and technology experts. PPG Aerospace specializes in aircraft glass manufacturing, and the company often works hand-in-hand with these aerospace engineering companies to build the best quality planes.

Government agencies and the military both provide ample employment opportunities in Huntsville, Alabama, as well as the surrounding Madison and other counties. One such military base is the Redstone Arsenal, an Army post in the surrounding Huntsville area.

The Redstone Arsenal is a garrison for the United States Army Materiel Command, the Missile Defense Agency, and the Army’s Aviation and Missile Command. The Redstone Arsenal is connected directly with NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. The Redstone itself is considered a census-designated place (rather than a city or town), but the population is a mere 1,946. However, there is approximately 36,000 personnel that work on the Redstone Arsenal grounds each day. The garrison was built in Huntsville in 1941, and it is still in use today. In fact, it is one of the primary employers of the Huntsville and Madison County area.

When the Redstone Arsenal was constructed in the early 1940s, it was initially a chemical weapons production plant. The United States Army brought in German scientists to help complete Operation Paperclip, an initiative during which ballistic missiles along with V-2 rockets were engineered. The German design team that helped to design these weapons found their skills less desirable as the 1950s marched on, and they became the first team that would help to find NASA. In the 1960s, Redstone Arsenal would become a primary location for the design of space launch vehicles.

Another excellent place for those in all disciplines of engineering, technology, and science is the Cummings Research Park located in Huntsville. Research Park is an employer that welcomes industry, technology, and military defense to the local employment community. The Cummings Research facility is home to approximately 300 companies, making it the second-largest research facility of its kind in the United States.

Almost 30,000 individuals work in some part of the CRP. The chief employment industries are defense, aerospace engineering, advanced manufacturing, information technology, and the development of software. There are almost 13,000 students who are studying or interring in some form or fashion in the CRP. In addition to the industrial and advanced technology companies present in Research Park, there are also a number of Fortune 500 companies that are housed there.

In 1997, the Association of University Research awarded Research Park with the Most Outstanding Science Park in the World. In 2017, Research Park was given a Developing Communities of Innovation award. For more info on employment visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics.